Corporate Training Catalogue

Corporates spending around 130 Billions worldwide. This figure indicates the importance of having clear stratagy for corporate trainings in their own organization.

Here is why so many companies are increasing their support towards corporate training; and you should too:

Encourages loyalty: Employees will be more loyal to your company if your care for their personal growth and development; no matter how small or large your organization.

Betters performance levels: If your employee receives the relevant training, s/he will be able to deliver better results and thus improve the company bottom-line

Ensure consistent sharing of information: All your employees get equal access to information, pertinent to the business, through the training sessions.

Allow you to hire from a wider talent pool: An effective training program allows your organization to hire a wider range of employees, and then develop them over a period of time, rather than looking for exact talent matches.

Allow you to maintain a competitive edge: Through employee training, you keep a company competitive by keeping your people up-to-date with the ever changing business needs, skills requirements, and complex external environments.

Requires you to supervise less: Well-trained staff members need less supervision, hence fewer man hours go to waste.

Cutting edge technologies

  1. 1. Artificial Intilligence
  2. 2. BigData science
  3. 3. Oracle fusion middleware SOA Suite
  4. 4. Oracle fusion middleware OSB Suite
  5. 5. MuleSoft
  6. 6. Cloud AWS technolgies
  7. 7. Dev Ops
  8. 8. Android & Cordova(Phone Gap)
  10. 10.VMWare
  11. 11.Networking & Security
  12. 12.Mongo DB

The critical technologies

  1. 1. Industry ready Java and JEE
  2. 2. Restful Web services
  3. 3. Spring and Hibernate Open source frameworks
  4. 4. Angular JS
  5. 5. Node JS

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