Robotic process automation Training


I have been researching and reading about Robotic Process Automation.In this rpa tutorial I’m going to explain all my understanding and researches about RPA in a layman’s language. So that even the beginners who reads this tutorial will get a clear understanding about RPA. Robotic Process Automation or RPA (now a days for everything there is an acronym) in simple words means: “robots are going to do the tasks which are now performed by humans”.

Let me now go in detail

When I say robots are going to do the human tasks that doesn’t mean physical robots are going to sit infront of the computer and do the tasks, it means a software application that will replicate the actions or tasks exactly the way how a human does.

RPA will automate low value clerical activities performed by humans. Most importantly RPA is only for clerical process automation and not for all human activities.

Automation Syllabus

Tool Version:Automation 9.6 Enterprise

  • Automation Anywere Tool Architecture,Installation,Introduction
  • Control room and Client Setup
  • Standard Recorder - Notepad and Calc
  • Web Recorder - Vat19,google finance
  • Manage Windows Control - Calc
  • Object Cloning - Calc, money control
  • Keystrokes - notepad
  • Mouse clicks - calc
  • Image Recognition - calc, checkbox (internal website)
  • Variable Operations - Numbers and string, reset, list variable
  • Delays - window (notepad), screenchange (website-AA)
  • String Operation - before-after, regex
  • Message Box
  • CSV
  • Loop
  • IF/Else
  • Exce
  • DataBase
  • Files/Folders
  • Clipboard
  • Terminal Emulator
  • Log to file
  • open program
  • pdf
  • PGP
  • Run script
  • Run task
  • Send email
  • Introduction To Metabots
  • How to use Metabot?
  • Introduction To IQbot
  • How to use IQbot?

    BluePrism Topics

    Tool Version:5.0

    1. Blueprism Architecture
    2. Blueprism Tool Installation & Introduction
    3. Process Studio Theory & Practical
    4. Object Studio Theory & Practical
    5. Control Room & Process Deployment
    6. Case Management
    7. Error Management
    8. Tool Troubleshooting
    9. Process Studio Advance Controls
    10. Object Studio Advance Controls
    11. Live Projects & Best Practices

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