SAP HANA ADMIN Training is a real-time platform for both analytics and the applications. While simplifying the IT stack, HANA provides powerful features like significant processing speed, text mining capabilities, the ability to handle big data and predictive capabilities. SAP HANA Admin training course is ideally suited for system administrators, SAP BASIS consultants and DBAs who are involved in planning, sizing and configuring the SAP HANA database.ANA system landscape

  1. 1.Any Graduates/Post Graduates are eligible to join for SAP HANA Administration Training.
  2. 2.Anyone having knowledge in Data Warehousing technologies can join for SAP HANA Administration Training.
  3. 3.Any technical background consultants are eligible to learn SAP HANA ADMIN courses.


    SAP HANA Introduction

  • SAP HANA Introduction
  • HANA solutions offering by SAP
  • Preparing Installation

  • Sizing of SAP HANA: -SAP HANA In-Memory Database Sizing elements RAM, Disk, CPU(Memory Sizing &CPU Sizing), SAP HANA Scale Out Prerequisites setup
  • Installation

  • Installation of SAP HANA with SAP HANA Lifecycle Management Tool
  • Distributed System Installation (High Availability)
  • Post Installation

  • Network configuration check
  • Backup & parameters setup
  • Architectural and Solution

  • SAP HANA Architecture
  • Brief introduction HANA solutions
  • Admin TOOLS for SAP HANA
  • SAP HANA Studio
  • DBA Cockpit
  • HDBSQL Command Line Tool
  • Admin Activities

  • Starting and Stopping SAP HANA
  • Parameter configurations
  • Trace setup
  • Table partition & distribution
  • Periodic Tasks
  • Enabling audit
  • Delta Merge
  • Transport Management
  • Table/Schema copy between systems
  • System rename
  • Catalog check & Table consistency check
  • BackUp and Recovery

  • Concept of Backup(data & log) and recovery
  • Data Backup strategy
  • Schedule full Data Backup via crontab
  • Data Backup types (Differential & Incremental backup)
  • Schedule Data Backup types (Differential & Incremental backup) via crontab
  • RCA for failed backups
  • Recovery database from (N to N-1 & N-1 to N)nodes
  • Post recoveryactivities
  • Backup and Recovery using Storage Snapshot
  • Backup and Recovery using Differential & Incremental backup

    Monitoring and Troubleshooting

  • HANA system monitoring (Studio, cockpit& HDBADMIN tool)
  • Troubleshoot performance issue
  • Analyzing run time dump & crash dumps
  • PlanVizgAnalysis
  • Mini checks analysis
  • TPO(Technical planning optimization) analysis
  • Maintaining users and Authorization

  • Create Users, User and Role Concept, Creating Roles, Assigning Privileges to Roles, Privileges, SQL Privileges, System Privileges, and Analytic Privileges.
  • High Availability and Disaster Tolerance

  • High Availabilityintroduction
  • SAP HANA Scale Up/Outoverview
  • Disaster Recoveryoverview &setup
  • Additional Topics

  • SDA
  • SDI
  • STL
  • DXC
  • SSO
  • MDC

  • Multitenant DB introduction
  • Multitenant DB installation
  • Multitenant DB post installation steps
  • Converting single DB to Multitenant DB
  • Copying schema from single DB to Multitenant DB
  • MDC administration
  • HANA UPGRADE (SPS & Revision)

  • Upgrade strategy
  • Prerequisites for SPS/revision upgrade
  • Upgrade process
  • Post upgrade activity (Catalog check & Table consistency check).

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