Intuitive web applications, for a simple but powerful solution to your business needs.

Intelligent use of technology can help businesses gain an advantage over rivals and remain relevant in the current market. Whether you are looking to start a new business from an awesome idea, or looking to give your current business a boost, we can help.

With over 10 years' experience in developing custom web applications, we have worked with clients across many different industry verticals, and helped their businesses grow by increasing productivity and value for customers, and lowering costs via automation and efficient utilization of business resources.

We are always looking for an exciting new opportunity to work with a new business, and push new frontiers, and create awesome solutions. Tell us about your business idea, and let's get started!

Hands-on Exercise: Move and organised resources in the resource groups Create a resource Groups and deploy resources in it.

We have developed solutions for a wide spectrum of industry verticals

Ecommerce Solutions

Invoicing Systems

Inventory management and POS

Online Reservation Systems

Content Management Systems

Online Assisted and Self Learning Solutions

Fantasy Sports and Gaming

Medical Applications

Why not go with a ready-made 3rd party solution?

All our web applications are fully custom developed according to your specifications. There are several reasons why we go by this approach -

  • Third-party ready-made solutions never fully conform to your requirements. They have features you don't need and do not have features that you need.
  • It takes time/effort to modify the third-party software to make it come close to your requirements, and the modification can result in unwanted bugs and secondary issues.
  • A custom-made application is architectured solely to cater to your needs, and over time remains much cleaner and can scale much better as your business grows.
  • Converting a custom-made application into a product is much easier because you have 100% copyright to the full source code.
  • A third-party solution comes with its own sets of bugs/issues/security weaknesses, which might not be known in the beginning since the base code is done by a third-party. Later on, these can have a crippling effect on your business by breaking a key functionality in your application.
  • When issues and security weaknesses are found in popular third-party apps, the news usually travels pretty fast and all businesses using those apps as a base remain vulnerable until a fix is available. For example, if your portal/application is based on WordPress, you might be interested in Wordpress security vulnerabilities or Hackers exploit critical vulnerability in popular WordPress theme component.
  • Compared to the third-party app modifications, custom solutions, being specific, have a smaller footprint, where the entire code is checked and quality controlled in-house, and is far less vulnerable, if programmed properly.

How does the development process work?

The whole process of development starts with us listening to your requirements and understanding what you need, and then preparing a solution that can help your business. You can read more details about the development process in the requirement analysis section of our website.

Responsive Website Design

Great user experience in computers, tablets, or mobiles.

We use responsive design, an approach of designing web pages and laying out their structure so that they 'respond' to users viewing the same site on various devices (computers, tablets, mobile phones) by presenting the content in a format and structure that are optimized for that device's screen resolution.

What this means is that your website, with responsive design, looks good, and remains user friendly -- whether it is viewed on a giant TV screen, a regular computer, a tablet, or a mobile device with a much smaller screen size and resolution.

A responsive website gives your visitors ease of access by ensuring:

  • Easy readability of content.
  • Minimized effort of panning and scrolling.
  • Intelligent and helpful interaction options with the device.

Thus, with responsive design, no matter what device your users are using to view your site, they always have an optimized and consistent experience, which is more likely to lead them to engaging with you, leading to much higher conversion rates.